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Who are we?

About us and our mission

Phyto Life Ltd is a company that develops innovative natural herbal products. Our main goal is to help as many people as possible by providing solutions for prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids and skin-related problems. We develop our products according to the needs of our patients with a streamlined product in mind. We know the power of nature to heal and we strive to make the most of what the herbal remedies that it provides.

Our natural products are distinguished not only by their 100% natural composition, but also by their extremely high efficiency, which makes them a preferred choice among thousands of people each month.

The Hemorrel and Licerol product lines are based on Bulgarian herbs delivered from ecologically clean regions. They have a century-old recipe that has been passed down through centuries as a family recipe and then further improved with the help of pharmaceutical, herbal and medicinal experts. Adherence to strict control at all stages of cultivation, collection and extraction of the biologically active ingredients is a guarantee for the high quality of the products offered.

In its development in recent years, the company has proven itself as an innovator in the development of unique herbal products for rapid relief, treatment and prevention of painful inflamed hemorrhoids, fissures and more.

What should we know about hemorrhoids?

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Hemorrhoids are a natural venous formation in the human body. The most common causes of the condition are: sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work occupations, standing for extended periods of time without movement, pregnancy, weight lifting, improper diet, obesity, gastrointestinal problems and genetic predisposition. Symptoms include itching, burning, pain, a foreign body sensation in the rectum, bleeding, mucus on the underwear, and heaviness in the lower left colon. Hemorrhoids are said to affect almost everyone over the age of 40, exacerbating and causing discomfort at least once in a lifetime. It is extremely important to take measures at the first symptoms, the delay leads to complications, which are expressed in the degree of the disease itself and in the appearance of connected problems.

The disease has been known to mankind for centuries and there are many well-known practices for relieving symptoms, such as sitting herbal baths, hot or cold compresses, etc. It is important to know that the application of such methods has a short-term effect and does not stop the progression of the disease. Fortunately, over the centuries we have gained enough knowledge that we can create a lasting and reliable solution to this problem – Hemorrel.

Hemorrels’ formula is the result of many years of research – it provides a fast, effective, harmless, and last but not least, affordable tool for dealing with hemorrhoids at all stages. The natural composition provides high bioavailability and allows for rapid and complete absorption of the active substances.

The best relief products for hemorrhoids

An innovation for the treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures! Intensive care with convenient single-use doses. Immediately affects damaged tissues. Also has a 100% natural composition.

Hemorrel – Ointment

The different product. Hemorrel is a highly effective, all-natural herbal product for rapid relief, treatment and prophylactic prevention of all types of hemorrhoids and fissures. It’s the 100% natural ointment with immediate effect. Hemorrel isn’t meant to simply remove the symptoms, but to get rid off the problem entirely, while avoiding surgery completely.

Hemorrel - Intra

An innovation for the treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures! Intensive care with convenient single-use doses. Immediately affects damaged tissues. Also has a 100% natural composition.


Ointment for topical application in burns and superficial wounds. Quickly regenerates damaged tissues. Reduces inflammation, has antiseptic and cooling effect. Protects against scarring. 100% natural composition.