Hemorrel – Ointment

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  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and effective results
  • Stops the pain shortly after the first few applications
  • Not tested on animals

Hemorrel ointment is a highly effective natural herbal product for rapid relief, treatment and prevention of all types of hemorrhoids and fissures. 100% natural with immediate action. Hemorrel tackles the problem, not the symptom and is one of the only ointments that combat hemorrhoids without surgery!  Ingredients: Madonna Lily extract (lillium candidum), beeswax and olive oil.  

How it works:

Hemorrel ointment repairs the walls of the hemorrhoidal plexus or blood vessels in the lower part of the rectum and also quickly and effectively heals any damaged tissue. The ointment works on external and internal hemorrhoids from all stages of the disease. The deformed tissue is healed back to normal and retracts. Hemorrel relieves painful sensations shortly after the first few applications, depending on the severity of the condition. It stops any inflammatory processes also facilitates the absorption of tissues, leading to faster and more lasting results. 

The complex gives a tangible result within minutes after the first use. The completely natural composition allows for use during pregnancy and lactation.  

Hemorrel comes from an old family recipe, combining and cultivating research and knowledge about hemorrhoids not only from recent years, but also dating back to centuries past. Hemorrel does not contain artificial colors, petroleum products, preservatives, lanolin, fragrances, chemicals or parabens. Free of corticosteroids and anesthetics.  100% natural.


Madonna Lily (Lilium candidum) is a perennial bulbous plant with an up to 2 meters tall straight leafy stem, ending with large white flowers with a unique aroma. It belongs to the Liliaceae family. The usable parts of the plant are the bulb, the flowers and the petals. In the flower you can find flavonoids, essential oils (para-cresol, linalool, palmitic, benzoic and cinnamic acid, citronsol esters, etc.) and mucous substances. In the bulb – flavonoids, saponins, amino acids, polysaccharides, mucous substances, tannins and others. The extract of the bulb of the Madonna Lily has especially effective anti-inflammatory, soothing and hydrating properties. It is used as an ingredient in creams for medical cosmetics for sensitive, dry and prone to inflammation skin. In medicinal literature there is data on the use of Madonna Lily  extract in products for urinary tract stones, liver disease, skin lesions (superficial wounds, thermal and chemical burns, boils, abscesses), thrombophlebitis and muscle pain. The pharmaceutical forms of application of the medicinal plant are ointments, creams, alcoholic and oily extracts, infusions and decoctions for external and partial internal use (raw or boiled bulbs in combination with other herbs). 

The white wax (Cera alba) in the composition of the product “Hemorrel” is a classic vehicular (carrier) substance widely used in the preparation of soft dosage forms for oral use. 

The olive oil (Olea europaea oil) in the composition of “Hemorrel” also plays the role of a carrier, but is also an active substance with a softening and nourishing effect on dry and sensitive skin. It is used in many cosmetic products with anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect. 

The natural healing ointment “Hemorrel” by the company “Phyto Life” is designed to improve the condition of inflammation, swelling and erythema of certain areas of the skin and superficial blood vessels. In general, the product has a local anti-inflammatory, emollient and regenerating effect and is suitable for use on skin lesions resulting from injuries, insect bites, minor burns, radiodermatitis, sciatic erythema in newborns and young children and others. The relatively short time of its application shows a very good effect in hemorrhoids and dilated venous vessels (varicose veins) with and without signs of inflammation. 

Why Hemorrel? 

Acts immediately and effectively! 

Hemorrel directly affects the problem, not the symptoms, and eliminates it! It has a lasting effect and helps you avoid the invasive methods of traditional medicine to remove hemorrhoids, which cost valuable time, inconvenience, and last but not least – a lot of money. Most alternative products only treat the symptoms and require constant use 

Suitable for: 

  • internaland external hemorrhoids of all stages 
  • fissures
  • analrags 
  • cryptites
  • proctitis
  • aftersurgery for hemorrhoids and fissures – for faster recovery 
  • pregnancyand lactation – the ointment has zero toxicity 

The essential oil extracted from the flowers of Madonna Lily is rich in vanillin pi-hydroxy-m-ethoxytoluene, pi-cresol, linalolterpineolphenylethyl alcohol and its esters such as acetic, palmitic, benzoic, propionic and cinnamic acids (Council of Europe , 2001). The flowers also contain flavonoids (kaempferol and its derivatives), lilalinejatrophine and carotenoids (Peris, J.B., 2001). Bulbs contain starch, soluble polysaccharides, phytosterols (Gruenwald, J., 1998), pyrrolic alkaloids, amino acids such as gamma-methylene glutamic acid and tannins (Council of Europe, 2001). 2-gamma methylene glutamic acid can be found in the bulbs of the bulb. During flowering, the bulbs and roots contain residues of the latter acid, together with the lactone derivative and – alpha-methylene-butyrolactone and mineral salts, traces of boron. New saponins of the species spirostanol and furostanol have been identified in the bulbs of Lillium Candidum (Mimaki, Y., 1999). 

How to use Hemorrel Ointment:

It is applied externally and internally, and the affected areas are smeared abundantly. In hemorrhoids and fissures – an amount of about 1 gram is placed at the end of the anal canal, once or twice a day. It is important not to stop using when the symptoms disappear, continue for another 7-10 days to achieve a lasting effect. For internal hemorrhoids about a pea-sized chunk should be placed inside the anal cavity.


Hemorrel ointment comes in in a jar of 20 g, protected with a hologram sticker and a cardboard box. 

47 reviews for Hemorrel – Ointment

  1. Nikolai Assenov

    This ointment is a God-given gift! All summer long my pain was unbearable, whatever I tried, it did not help. With Hemorrel I forgot about having hemorrhoids within minutes from the first application! Finally something good in Bulgaria!

  2. Victor Damianov

    The best product! Priceless cream! I have given over 200-300 leva for creams and medicines from pharmacies, to no avail. Only this cream really works I recommend to everyone! Thanks

  3. Mikaela Montero

    I recovered in just a week, thank you very much! 🙂

  4. Ned Scrivener

    Thank you for your help. The ointment is simply unique.

  5. Robert Busch

    I have no words for this magic ointment. For a year I could not find a cure for my suffering, today I received the ointment, I applied it and after an hour I no longer felt pain. Take hemorrel and you will see for yourself that it simply works.

  6. Luigina Petri

    Thank you for the miracle you produced !!! The ointment is really magical. 6 hours after the first application I was relieved and the next day the improvement was GREAT. Thank you very much for saving me from suffering.

  7. Sebastian Stanek

    Thank you very much. I’m not very trusting of advertisments, but this product is truly amazing. I ordered it about 10 days ago, used it according to the description and now I feel great. After the wonderful result, I felt obliged to share my experience. Let others with a similar problem take advantage. Do not hesitate. Well done to the manufacturer !!!

  8. Theresa Wells

    Simply amazing. Just 30 minutes after use, the discomfort and pain (as if I’ve eaten razor blades) DISAPPEARED!!

  9. Ruaraidh McNeil

    For the first time I came across a product that actually works !! I spent a lot of money in pharmacies on imported and expensive drugs that do almost nothing! Hemorrel is a ointment like no other and I recommend to everyone! THANK YOU!

  10. Wilma Peura

    The only ointment that managed to help my mother! THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

  11. Dimitry Moore

    I have had a problem with hemorrhoids for several years, I have been to doctors and I have had two surgeries. Ever since I tried Hemorrel, I have forgotten about doctors, examinations and all kinds of other ointments. I recommend it to anyone who has similar problems. Thank you!

  12. Kaja Gomułka

    It really helps. For me, after 3 days, the pain disappeared. Good luck to everyone.

  13. Bente Wehunt

    An exceptional product, I am very satisfied. Also, whomever I recommend it to was also very satisfied. Thank you for this wonderous cream!

  14. Stoyan Stefanov

    Hello, my name is Stoyan from the town of Harmanli, I am writing this letter because I am fascinated by the ointment, I discovered that I have an anal fissure 1st to 2nd grade, I hope you know what it is – terrible pain and itching, a friend recommended the ointment I ordered it from the site and I used it immediately, the effect is amazing just after 10 days, there was simply no problem anymore! DON’T RUSH TO GIVE YOUR MONEY FOR EXPENSIVE SURGERIES JUST USE HEMORREL OINTMENT!!

  15. Violet MacLean

    Incredible product. On the second day of its use, the effect is amazing. This effect with traditional medicine is achieved usually after 10 days and lasts for a very short while. At least for me.

  16. Hillary Andrea

    I highly recommend the ointment !!! I had bleeding hemorrhoids after giving birth, severe pain and burning. After two application I forgot about all the complaints !!! I had tried several other medications before this ointment, but nothing helped! Thanks for the priceless product !!! It really works 🙂

  17. Albert Garland

    I am fascinated by the ointment and tincture and I highly recommend them.

  18. Marta Ilić

    I’ve also used Hemorrel Hemorrhoid Cream. On the third day I finally felt relief after many months of bearing the pain. I was also skeptical, but I was wrong. On the third day I felt great relief and improvement. Do not doubt! It is very, very good. It is really trustworthy. Well done to the herbalists who made it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was in a very tough situation, because I ignored the symptoms, but now, thanks to your ointment, I am much better. Do not hesitate! Personally tested and passed with flying colours!!!!

  19. Danilo Milne

    Well done …. good products … ointment and tincture! I am very satisfied !!!

  20. Boris Dimitrov

    Hello, my name is Boris, I am 56 years old and I am writing here to express my gratitude for hemorrel. Thanks to these people for the amazing products! While I was treating my hemorrhoids, I did not notice how the veins from my legs and the capillaries also got better! All this in less than a month and for such a meager price. People, this is something unique, I still can’t believe it! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  21. Anton Ivanov

    I promised to write a review, but my pain went away so quickly and I completely forgot – it works immediately, I am very pleased. I GREATLY RECOMMEND !!!

  22. Julia P.

    I have been using this medicine for years. Nothing else helps me like that. My husband from time to time feels terrible pain from a fissure, but does not want to use surgery so he uses hemorrel. I apply the ointment when I have herpes and it passes faster than zovirax. Old scars also disappeared from him. We are very satisfied! I used to call the phones to ask if there were really only 3 ingredients. It works immediately and I just did not believe that it is only what is written on the package. I am writing here because I know that many of you are doubtful like I was once – don’t be, hemorrel products are simply amazing! I recommend them full-heartedly.

  23. Grigor Aleksiev

    Thanks for the wonderful ointment! My only regret is that I didn’t find them sooner, since I spent a lot of money ineffective alternative. Thank you so much and I wish you all the best! What you do is simply wonderful.

  24. Violina Ivanova

    Hi, I’m from Montana and my husband had a serious problem with this so-called “hemorrhoids” disease. My husband repeatedly used all sorts of ointments such as proctoglivenol, colonprotect, cicatridine and ointment suppositories, etc., but the problem was still unbearable. In February he went to a private medical institution (I will not mention the name) where he had his internal hemorrhoids surgically removed for 800 leva and the problem was supposedly solved. BUT! The irritation, burning and pain continued, from the medical center he was told to apply some “ointment”, but he did not write at all what it is and what it is for, and it had no effect. There was still a problem, and it was unbearable. Through my repeated digging on the Internet and reading almost all the ointments and methods against this “disease” I came across “HEMORREL” and decided to make a quick order. I can say that on the second day my husband was relieved and his complaints disappeared. A huge THANK YOU for the magic cream and for helping people with your products!

  25. Erland Masson

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for the miraculous ointment. I’ve had chronic hemorrhoids for about 10 years now and have had to continuously use ointments whenever they came back. I decided to try hemorrel and for the first time in a while my hemorrhoids have not returned for over a year now! I cannot express my gratitude, THANK YOU HEMORREL!

  26. Liam McAllister

    I saw an ad on Facebook about Hemorrel and although I was skeptical at first I decided to give it a go. I’ve been having chronic hemorrhoids, for which I constantly used to buy ointments, but unbelievably after using Hemorrel it’s the first time in years that I was free of hemorrhoids! Thank you so much!!

  27. Sára Dieter

    Thank you for creating this product! I had a huge hemorrhoid crisis, but with the first use of hemorrel I felt instant relief THANK YOU!! 😉

  28. Randal Holt

    Thank you very much for the wonderful medicine. I used it only five days a month and for three months now I have not had any pain, even though I felt horrible before.

  29. Kati Andrews

    THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART !!! Incredible ointment!

  30. Joey Scholz

    Thank you so much! This ointment was a miracle for me.

  31. Denise Caulfield

    I have been using it for several months now and I am very happy. All my troubles are a thing of the past 🙂

  32. Alexandrina K

    Simply wonderful! I’ve been using it in the morning and before bed and the effect is great. The pain was gone shortly after the first use and I couldn’t quite believe it, but it was true. Fantastic product!

  33. Carlyn Bosque

    I received the ointment on February 24, 2014 and immediately started using it. Today is March 3, 2019. I have been using it for the recommended 7-10 days and I am very happy with the results! It really helps very effectively! Thank you very much for the ointment, it was instant salvation for me. I have been suffering from hemorrhoids for almost 10 years and I have tried so many ointments, but none gave results like these! Again, thank you very much for making this product.

  34. Danièle Blaise

    I am very happy with the ointment. For one month of treatment there is no of my hemorrhoids. Thank you very much!

  35. Natasa Wyrzykowski

    I had an anoscopy in Tokuda a month ago. They found 2 internal hemorrhoids of the 3rd and 2nd stage and prescribed me treatment. They told me that if the treatment does not work then surgical removal would be needed. I dug through the forums and came across a post about hemorrel with good reviews. I used it for 2 weeks and on June 27 I had another anoscopy at the same place. The doctor asked me how I did it! I’m glad I found it and got rid of the hemorrhoids quickly, absolutely painlessly and so easily.

  36. Annie Lukić

    I am very happy that I was able to find you on the internet. I want to thank you for taking such a noble way to provide this hemorrhoid ointment. I am very happy and will order another package for my father, who has the same problem.

  37. Christina Pentti

    Today I start using hemorrel and I hope it has an effect because the pain is terrible, unbearable, it is scary. I will write about the effect of the ointment as soon as I get an impression of it.
    Update: I’m 10 days in and I’ve used up all of the ointment and the effects are incredible! My hemorrhoids are completely gone! I felt relief shortly after applying the ointment for the first time! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

  38. Giordano Bicchieri

    I used it and I still can’t believe it – it’s a miracle! I have been fighting hemorrhoids for years, with this ointment everything ended as if by magic. THANK YOU and I highly recommend it!!!

  39. Serafino Zamorano

    When I ordered it I didn’t really believe that it would help, as honestly I had given up at that point. However the result was striking! In just 10 days everything was fine again, I really hope my problem is gone forever!

  40. Damian Vance

    Highly recommended! The only thing on the market that works.

  41. Mable Wayne

    I want to express my gratitude to the people who created this product. I admit that at first I was skeptical but after I bought it and used it for a while I realized that miracles really happen and natural medicine should not be neglected. I have tried all kinds of ointments, pills, grandma’s recipes and what not but they all proved to be just temporary solutions after which it was the same again. I had even considered to undergo surgery because I was sick of this discomfort and pain. Then I found hemorrel and it’s the only thing that had a lasting effect! I am very grateful to the people who made it and highly recommend it!

  42. Edmond Dupont

    If you are looking for a real cure for hemorrhoids that helps – this is it! It’s cheap and 100% effective, I can personally vouch for this!

  43. Ilian Atanasov

    I googled hemorrhoid treatments and this was one of the first links so I decided to click it. I live in Bulgaria so I just went to a pharmacy and bought a package of the ointment and my discomfort was gone in minutes! Thank you for making this product!

  44. Rita Van Hautum

    I am very happy with your ointment – my external hemorrhoids are just a memory :), and I was so worried … Also, I had a scar under my nose, left by a herpes, so I decided to try applying the cream and it disappeared!! I am very happy with the result!! Thank you!! People – I highly recommend Hemorrel :))

  45. Sara Vibeke

    All three options are very good. The tincture must be used plus one of the variants of the ointment (in my opinion). The most efficient products on the market. Well done.

  46. Ivan Ivanov

    My name is Ivan Ivanov and I am 37 years old from Sofia. I’ve been a taxi driver 15 years. At the end of last year, I felt pain and itching in the anus. After an examination by a specialist, it turned out that I had hemorrhoids for almost a year and a half. As an alternative to my prescribed treatment, a colleague recommended that I try hemorrel ointment. I ordered it and they delivered it to me in a week. I immediately started using it according to its instructions for use. From the first use I felt relief and reduction of the burning pain. After a week of daily use, I forgot what I was using it for. My pain and discomfort disappeared completely.

  47. Rosaria Roux

    Thank you very much for creating such a unique ointment. I suffered a lot – after inflamed hemorrhoids, the anal fissure also became inflamed. I had great pain, which I can’t even describe in words for about 12 days – I couldn’t stand, lie down or do anything. I tried all kinds of herbs and ointments that are available in pharmacies with close to no result. Finally, my relatives read about Hemorel and gave me the phone. I ordered it and on the first day of its use I received relief. If you have such a problem do not waste time and funds, and order it immediately.

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