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Ointment for topical application in burns and superficial wounds. Quickly regenerates damaged tissues. Reduces inflammation, has antiseptic and cooling effect. Protects against scarring. 100% natural composition. 

Licerol is a restorative and soothing cream designed for topical treatment of damaged and irritated skin due to burns, cuts, superficial injuries, scratches, cracked skin, abrasions, abrasions, sunburn, diaper rash, post-dermatological procedures, small surgical wounds, for skin irritations caused by cosmetic procedures, peeling, hair removal, shaving, as well as after tattooing. Accelerates skin recovery, reduces redness and has an enhanced effect against scars. Fast action and immediate comfort. For face and body, suitable for babies, children and adults. Tested on sensitive skin with great results. 


Madonna Lily (Lilium candidum) is a perennial bulbous plant with an up to 2 meters tall straight leafy stem, ending with large white flowers with a unique aroma. It belongs to the Liliaceae family. The usable parts of the plant are the bulb, the flowers and the petals. In the flower you can find flavonoids, essential oils (para-cresol, linalool, palmitic, benzoic and cinnamic acid, citronsol esters, etc.) and mucous substances. In the bulb – flavonoids, saponins, amino acids, polysaccharides, mucous substances, tannins and others. The extract of the bulb of the Madonna Lily has especially effective anti-inflammatory, soothing and hydrating properties. It is used as an ingredient in creams for medical cosmetics for sensitive, dry and prone to inflammation skin. In medicinal literature there is data on the use of Madonna Lily  extract in products for urinary tract stones, liver disease, skin lesions (superficial wounds, thermal and chemical burns, boils, abscesses), thrombophlebitis and muscle pain. The pharmaceutical forms of application of the medicinal plant are ointments, creams, alcoholic and oily extracts, infusions and decoctions for external and partial internal use (raw or boiled bulbs in combination with other herbs). 

Menthol in the composition of “Licerol” reduces inflammation in the deeper layers of the skin and has a calming and antiseptic effect, as well as disinfecting the applied area. 

The white wax (Cera alba) in the composition of the product “Hemorrel” is a classic vehicular (carrier) substance widely used in the preparation of soft dosage forms for oral use. 

The olive oil (Olea europaea oil) in the composition of “Hemorrel” also plays the role of a carrier, but is also an active substance with a softening and nourishing effect on dry and sensitive skin. It is used in many cosmetic products with anti-wrinkle and anti-aging (anti-aging) effect. 

The natural cream “Licerol” is designed to improve the condition of inflammation, swelling and erythema of certain areas of the skin when burned. In general, the product has a local anti-inflammatory, emollient and regenerating effect and is suitable for use in skin lesions caused by burns, injuries, insect bites, radiodermatitis, sciatic erythema. It is suitable for newborns, young children and can be applied to sensitive skin. 

Keep out of reach of children and out of direct sunlight. 

Ingredients INCI: Lilium candidum, Cera alba, Olea europaea oil, menthol 

How to use: 

For external use. The affected areas should be treated 2-3 times a day. 


“Licerol” cream comes in a jar of 70 ml, protected with a hologram sticker. 

2 reviews for Licerol

  1. Mira

    Thanks for the wonderful cream! Saved my daughter from scars after a burn. Thanks! Thanks! Thanks!

  2. Atanas Dobrev

    Thanks to Phyto Life!
    At the pharmacy I was offered to try it for difficult to heal wounds from diabetes. Before the first package is finished, I see that a new healthy tissue is already forming. Please make sure that more doctors and pharmacists know and offer this product. I believe it will help many in need. Thanks for this magic !!!

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