Hemorrel – Intra

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  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Easy to use
  • Fast and effective results
  • Stops the pain shortly after the first few applications
  • Not tested on animals

An innovation in treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures. Intensive care with convenient single doses. Immediately affects damaged tissues by closing any fissures and retracting inflamed hemorrhoids. 100% natural composition, identical to Hemorrel ointment: Madonny Lily extract (lillium candidum), beeswax and olive oil. 6 single doses in a package for intensive care. Treats the problem, not the symptoms. 

How it works: 

Hemorrel repairs the walls of the hemorrhoidal plexus or blood vessels in the lower part of the rectum and also quickly and effectively heals any damaged tissue. The ointment works on external and internal hemorrhoids from all stages of the disease. The deformed tissue is healed back to normal and retracts. Hemorrel relieves painful sensations shortly after the first applications, depending on the severity of the condition. It stops any inflammatory processes and also facilitates the absorption of tissues, which leads to faster and more lasting results. 

The complex gives a tangible result within minutes after the first use. The completely natural composition allows for use during pregnancy and lactation.  

Hemorrel comes from an old family recipe, combining and cultivating research and knowledge about hemorrhoids not only from recent years, but also dating back to centuries past. Hemorrel does not contain artificial colors, petroleum products, preservatives, lanolin, fragrances, chemicals or parabens. Free of corticosteroids and anesthetics. 100% natural.


Madonna Lily (Lilium candidum) is a perennial bulbous plant with an up to 2 meters tall straight leafy stem, ending with large white flowers with a unique aroma. It belongs to the Liliaceae family. The usable parts of the plant are the bulb, the flowers and the petals. In the flower you can find flavonoids, essential oils (para-cresol, linalool, palmitic, benzoic and cinnamic acid, citronsol esters, etc.) and mucous substances. In the bulb – flavonoids, saponins, amino acids, polysaccharides, mucous substances, tannins and others. The extract of the bulb of the Madonna Lily has especially effective anti-inflammatory, soothing and hydrating properties. It is used as an ingredient in creams for medical cosmetics for sensitive, dry and prone to inflammation skin. In medicinal literature there is data on the use of Madonna Lily  extract in products for urinary tract stones, liver disease, skin lesions (superficial wounds, thermal and chemical burns, boils, abscesses), thrombophlebitis and muscle pain. The pharmaceutical forms of application of the medicinal plant are ointments, creams, alcoholic and oily extracts, infusions and decoctions for external and partial internal use (raw or boiled bulbs in combination with other herbs). 

The white wax (Cera alba) in the composition of the product “Hemorrel” is a classic vehicular (carrier) substance widely used in the preparation of soft dosage forms for oral use. 

The olive oil (Olea europaea oil) in the composition of “Hemorrel” also plays the role of a carrier, but is also an active substance with a softening and nourishing effect on dry and sensitive skin. It is used in many cosmetic products with anti-wrinkle and anti-aging effect. 

The natural healing ointment “Hemorrel” by the company “Phyto Life” is designed to improve the condition of inflammation, swelling and erythema of certain areas of the skin and superficial blood vessels. In general, the product has a local anti-inflammatory, emollient and regenerating effect and is suitable for use on skin lesions resulting from injuries, insect bites, minor burns, radiodermatitis, sciatic erythema in newborns and young children and others. The relatively short time of its application shows a very good effect in hemorrhoids and dilated venous vessels (varicose veins) with and without signs of inflammation.  

Why Hemorrel? 

Acts immediately and effectively! 

Hemorrel directly affects the problem, not the symptoms, and eliminates it! It has a lasting effect and helps you avoid the invasive methods of traditional medicine to remove hemorrhoids, which cost valuable time, inconvenience, and last but not least – a lot of money. Most alternative products only treat the symptoms and require constant use 

Suitable for: 

  • internal and external hemorrhoids of all stages 
  • fissures
  • analrags 
  • cryptites
  • proctitis
  • after surgery for hemorrhoids and fissures – for faster recovery 
  • pregnancy and lactation – the ointment has zero toxicity so it is completely safe to use


The essential oil extracted from the flowers of Madonna Lily is rich in vanillin pi-hydroxy-m-ethoxytoluene, pi-cresol, linalolterpineolphenylethyl alcohol and its esters such as acetic, palmitic, benzoic, propionic and cinnamic acids (Council of Europe , 2001). The flowers also contain flavonoids (kaempferol and its derivatives), lilalinejatrophine and carotenoids (Peris, J.B., 2001). Bulbs contain starch, soluble polysaccharides, phytosterols (Gruenwald, J., 1998), pyrrolic alkaloids, amino acids such as gamma-methylene glutamic acid and tannins (Council of Europe, 2001). 2-gamma methylene glutamic acid can be found in the bulbs of the bulb. During flowering, the bulbs and roots contain residues of the latter acid, together with the lactone derivative and – alpha-methylene-butyrolactone and mineral salts, traces of boron. New saponins of the species spirostanol and furostanol have been identified in the bulbs of Lillium Candidum (Mimaki, Y., 1999). 


Hemorrel Intra comes in a small cardboard box and containts 6 monodoses of 3g ointment. 

How to use Hemorrel Intra:  

Remove the protective cap and fully squeeze out the contents into the anal cavity.  Once or twice a day, depending on severity. Dispose of empty packaging after use. If defecation occurs after use, re-application is required. 

44 reviews for Hemorrel – Intra

  1. Gerdina Tjeerd

    A very nice ointment immediately helps I recommend it with all my heart!!!!!!

  2. Agnes

    I am very happy with the cream and applicator! I fixed my hemorrhoid problem in 3 days!

  3. Margareta Carmel

    I highly recommend the ointment with applicator and tincture. I used them to treat chronic anal fissure. On the second day, the bleeding stopped and the relief could not be described in words. But it should be combined with proper nutrition until the complaints disappear completely. Success!

  4. Martin Vasilev

    Hello, I had a huge problem I couldn’t stand up without incredible pain! I applied all kinds of ointments on the market, including those advertised in the media. Nothing helped me. With a little mistrust and the fact that there are only positive comments about Hemorrel led me to think that there is something suspicious, BUT I bought it and really did not believe the positive effect, which happened actually after 2 applications!! It took 1 week and everything faded away which is amazing! I also bought the tincture, and in parallel with Intra I also used them. I have no words to express my gratitude to the people who invented the recipe!

  5. Adriana Audley

    After I gave birth I got hemorrhoids that I could not cure for months, I tried all kinds of creams, I spent a lot of time and money, but a week ago I ordered Hemorrel and I am fascinated by the result, no more bloody hemorrhoids !!

  6. Michelle Oberton

    Hello! I also got hemorrhoids after giving birth! I tried quite expensive drugs, but nothing, I decided to try Hemorrel and thanks to it, there is no trace of hemorrhoids! I recommend it!!!

  7. Annie Williams

    It works from the first application. Here is my story – I have had problems for years, but they were not serious and one day it became so scary that I could not even sit down, as I managed I could barely get up afterwards, I could not walk. I was sold at the pharmacy something I would say was getting worse instead of helping. I saw here on the site that it says in which pharmacies the ointment and applicator is sold and I went to buy it, I did not have the strength to wait for delivery, I took it – I applied it and immediately felt relief, I sat down without a problem, then I walked without pain. And now, after less than a week of use, I can say that I am very pleased and grateful to the one who made the ointment. For those who do not believe only in positive opinions, do not hesitate, this is not advertising, it really helps, I was convinced of this, although I was a little surprised, but I’m very happy, you will not regret it!

  8. Evgenia M

    In October I had a uterine operation and then the problems started, I thought I had hemorrhoids, but I tried ointments, ointments, suppositories and a very strict diet, but nothing helped. After singing I had diarrhea and things got complicated, about a month the pain continued to despair and I consulted a surgeon who told me that I actually have an anal fissure and I have surgery, he even wanted me to go straight to the hospital. After a lot of torture and sitting herbal baths and the use of hemorrel tincture and ointment 1 week I recovered and the pain has decreased. I trusted hemorrel and I did not regret it, I even want to congratulate all those who have contributed to the creation of these organic products, I wish you success. Thank you !!!

  9. Elizabeth

    Amazing, works like a miracle, thanks for the information to everyone in the comments.

  10. Catherine

    Amazing products! Thank you people – I saved myself with the help of hemorrel! Works super fast!

  11. Hans Peter

    I am very pleased with the ointment. After 6 days of use, together with the tincture I received relief. I want to thank Phyto Life, who consulted me over the phone. I recommend the ointment to anyone with similar complaints.

  12. Silvia

    Thank you for creating such an amazing cream! It’s awesome! When I ordered it, I thought I would just give my money away, but now it’s the third day of treatment and the effect is fantastic! Hemorrel Intra is totally worth it !!!

  13. Koppány B

    I’m buying the Intra for my mother for the second time. She has a problem with hemorrhoids and she says she is very happy with Hemorrel. After using other drugs and ointments, hemorrel simply works best. She already feels much better! This time I ordered the promotional package, which includes besides the ointment, the drops and the applicator. Thanks on her behalf, stay healthy!

  14. Hedvig A

    Unique product, it took only 2 days for the effect to take place. I admire the product!

  15. Laci Annamária

    Today I will try it and I hope it works!

  16. Danielle

    It works from the first time!

  17. Ester Bertók

    Hello, I also use hemorrel and I am very happy .. But I want to know if I can use it during pregnancy

  18. Joe A

    Perfect product, I’ve tried everything and this actually helps more than most of the things on the market.

  19. Bart Tilly

    Hi, I used a lot of ointments, but I think this one turned out to be the best. It’s not the cheapest, but it’s natural, which I like.

  20. Aleksandra Olek

    With compliments to the manufacturers! A wonderful product with an extremely good effect! I recommend!

  21. Gudrun Levi

    I had advanced bleeding hemorrhoids. During the summer, they were in such a state that after consulting a surgeon, it turned out that if the situation remained so critical, surgical treatment would be necessary. My wife, during a conversation with her friend, shared about my problem with hemorrhoids. It turned out that her friend also had such a problem and was cured with the help of hemorrel. He advised my wife to try the ointment, and only then, if it does not help to undergo surgery. The operation would be quite inconvenient. I ordered an ointment and tincture and started applying them as prescribed. At the end of the first month, the bleeding stopped and began to subside, and at the moment I just forgot about the problem and I’m glad I didn’t have surgery. I recommend anyone who has problems with hemorrhoids to try – it really helps.

  22. Krystyna Kennith

    Thanks from the bottom of my heart for the product, it saved me a lot of pain. <3

  23. Alexandra Alia

    Thank you! It’s amazing how quickly I recovered. I’m sorry I didn’t learn about Hemorrel earlier. I recommend!

  24. Ivan

    It’s great!

  25. Miska Daniel

    The best medicine I have ever used for hemorrhoids!

  26. George Lloyd

    Thanks to the Phyto Life team! For the information and especially for the priceless Hemorrel! Be alive and healthy and keep going! You gave me back my life and faith in European products.

  27. Sebastian Alíz

    The best product, proven!

  28. Dominika Fernandez

    They are great, why didn’t I find out about them earlier. People do not wait and do not doubt – this is what really helps!

  29. Amaro Lourenço

    A sincere thank you to the one who invented it. I was skeptical when I ordered it but after 3 days of lubrication the relief was just indescribable I continue to use it and I am extremely pleased thank you very much let everyone who is not sure about the quality of the product and how much it will help them swallow their prejudices and they weave it because it really helps

  30. Yoanna Vasileva

    Im so happy that hemorrel is available again because last week they sold it out and I had to endure the awful pain and discomfort for some time but now I know Im saved because I’ve used it before and I got rid of hemorrhoids for about a week.

  31. Michaël Thea

    I am extremely pleased that I found hemorrel which helped me with the pain of fissure and hemorrhoids! 10 years of fighting this discomfort and finally I found a solution to the problem! Keep up the good work with this professionalism and quality of the products!

  32. Arthur Otis

    Hello! After 2-3 years of torment, I just decided to look for a cure on the Internet like many people do. After reading so many positives, all I had to do was try whatever happened. Those of you who have tried it already know the effect and for those who are still wondering. People you will not go wrong. I hadn’t done a week and I felt relieved and couldn’t even use it as strictly as described. At the moment I do not know how to express my gratitude to these people. I bought both Hemorrel Intra and the tincture and I feel great right now. Thank you!

  33. Mariusz

    I’m impressed with your product – after almost 3 years of internal hemorrhoids, which I “got” from my quest to eat healthy (I overdo it with red beet juice, which I drank for almost a month, and they appeared), I want to share that after a few days of applying Hemorrel Intra, they almost disappeared! I was in a hurry to share my experience, which is why I write so early. I will continue to use it until complete elimination, which I am convinced will happen, after the obvious effect after only a few days.

  34. Sara Vibeke

    All three options are very good. The tincture must be used plus one of the variants of the ointment (in my opinion). The most efficient products on the market. Well done.

  35. Stefania Kasia

    Thanks for the helpful comments, I made a good decision by buying hemorrel, it helps immediately!

  36. Don Wilkins

    Unique product, works in a very short time! I did not believe that I would be so impressed to go back and leave an opinion, but here .. Thanks to the manufacturers, I will recommend Hemorrel to everyone having a problem with hemorrhoids.

  37. Helga G

    Hello, let me share my experience – if you suffer from such a problem, this is the SOLUTION! I was 8 months pregnant when I had a painful, inflamed, bleeding hemorrhoid that didn’t have many treatment options. I tried almost everything possible for pregnant women before I trusted and ordered the ointment and applicator and I’m sorry I didn’t do it as soon as I read about it on the internet. (I’m not one of the trusting ones and that’s why I was very surprised) But only Hemorrel Intra saved me from the torments! I recommend it! Don’t be surprised, try it now!

  38. Erwin Cili

    Incredible ointment. In just six hours the hellish pain subsided and a slight reminder remained. After 4 applications only a slight pinch reminded that there is a sore spot. I am very grateful for the opinions of the people here, they convinced me to buy the Intra and the tincture. The creators and distributors of the product, you saved me from excruciating pain.

  39. Theda

    To be honest – I did not believe in these products, hope dies last – I bought to try it. THE TRUTH IS PEOPLE this is something UNIQUE !!! It has nothing to do with anything else. On the second day, the effect is already very noticeable. In a week I am LIKE NEW! Don’t be surprised – this is it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

  40. Sybille Marianna

    It is a very good product! My pain stopped on the second day. The hemorrhoid is going and I will order the tincture this time to make sure they stay away. THANK YOU VERY MUCH! You saved me!!!!!

  41. Iveta Noeva

    Great product! I used all sorts of things like Mastu, Procto-glivenol, cicatidrin, but only Hemorrel helped me!

  42. Marta

    After two months of terrible pain, I went to bed to have my fissure operated on. I also had hemorrhoids. I have tried Cicatridine and Doloproct – nothing. A month after the operation, the pain continued. I came across an ad for Hemorrel on Facebook and tried it without much hope. I bought Hemorrel from a pharmacy at the price announced on the site. I drank 20 drops of the tincture – in the morning and in the evening, and I used the applicator in the morning. I don’t know if the time has come or if the other treatment also worked, but two days after the first application I felt relief, and after a week there was a slight itching. After another week, it was over. I hope this is the end of the pain because I can’t stand it. That’s why I share my experience.

  43. Augistin

    Unique products !!! I approached it with a slight mistrust and I only regret that I did and hesitated. I highly recommend them – people don’t wait like me, you will only extend your discomfort.

  44. Diana Norbert

    Like most of the people probably, I approached it with a lack of confidence in the beginning, but I decided to try it. I was extremely surprised by the result. Before I started using the ointment, I had an inflammation for a month and went to the surgeon and he told me to try this before we consider surgery. It make wonders, I saved myself from surgery with this!

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