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Hemorrel – Ointment

The different product. Hemorrel is a highly effective, all-natural herbal product for rapid relief, treatment and prophylactic prevention of all types of hemorrhoids and fissures. It’s the 100% natural ointment with immediate effect. Hemorrel isn’t meant to simply remove the symptoms, but to get rid off the problem entirely, while avoiding surgery completely.


Hemorrel - Intra

An innovation for the treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures! Intensive care with convenient single-use doses. Immediately affects damaged tissues. Also has a 100% natural composition.



Ointment for topical application in burns and superficial wounds. Quickly regenerates damaged tissues. Reduces inflammation, has antiseptic and cooling effect. Protects against scarring. 100% natural composition.


Hemorrel - Tincture

The Hemorrhel tincture are drops for oral administration, a combination of three herbs. Mainly designed for restorative purposes and maintaining good health of the circulatory system. Provides elasticity of the vessel walls and supports the effect of the ointment. Reduces the risk of recurrence of hemorrhoids. The best for prophylactic treatment of hemorrhoids and problematic blood vessels


Promo package: Hemorrel Ointment, Intra & Tincture

Intensive promo package including all three of our products for fighting hemorrhoids. We recommend it for people with advanced stage hemorrhoids. Includes the Hemorrel ointment (24,99), Hemorrel Intra (29,99) and Hemorrel Tincture (€9,99) for the special price of €49,99


Complete Package: Licerol + Hemorrel Ointment, Intra & Tincture

The complete intensive care package for people with advanced stage hemorrhoids and/or related skin problems, due to complications of the venous system. Includes Licerol (24,99), the Hemorrel ointment (24,99), Hemorrel Intra (29,99) and Hemorrel Tincture (€9,99) for the special price of €59,99. 



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