Hemorrhoids are blood vessels located in the rectal area. Their swelling and / or injury caused by various factors causes severe discomfort, pain, and bleeding. Hemorrhoids are divided into two types, according to their location and symptoms – internal and external.

Internal Hemorrhoids


Internal hemorrhoids are located inside the rectum, at the beginning of the anus. Due to their location, they are hard to identify. Usually, this type of hemorrhoid is painless and until they start to bleed, they cannot be detected without examination by a specialist. However, there are cases in which the internal hemorrhoid prolapses and starts being more apparent.. If this happens, you will feel and see them as moist, skin-colored or reddish bumps. In this case, the descending internal hemorrhoids can become painful, as the anus is a place saturated with very sensitive nerves. Normally enlarged hemorrhoids should go back into place on their own, but if that doesn’t happen, they can be pushed back in very carefully.


As already mentioned, internal hemorrhoids have no visible symptoms until they start to bleed or prolapse. The reason internal hemorrhoids prolapse is due to their swelling and enlargement, which happens because when stool passes through the anal cavity, it strains and irritates them during defecation. Hard stools during constipation cause the most damage to internal hemorrhoids. It is possible for the stool to rupture the hemorrhoids during defecation, which in turn causes bleeding and/or pain. Due to the inflammation, the presence of hard stools and constant humidity often causes itching. In addition, there may be a feeling of constant need to defecate or a feeling that you haven’t fully defecated. As mentioned above, internal hemorrhoids which have prolapsed  usually go back into place on their own or can be pushed back with a finger. However, you should keep in mind that even if you push them in, the next time you defecate, they will prolapse again.

External Hemorrhoids


External hemorrhoids are located lower than internal ones, forming under or around the anus. External hemorrhoids can also bulge out, which usually happens during defecation. Blood clots often form in protruding external hemorrhoids, which can cause terrible pain. This condition is called thrombosis. Thrombotic external hemorrhoids can look quite scary because their color turns purple or blue and they are very likely to bleed. This condition is usually not very serious, but the pain can be quite excruciating. Thrombotic external hemorrhoids heal on their own within a few weeks. In case the pain is unbearable, you can seek the help of a specialist to remove the clots from the hemorrhoids. This procedure will eliminate the pain.


When you suffer from external hemorrhoids, you can feel them as bumps around the anus. Their symptoms are swelling, pain, itching, burning, and also bleeding, but usually not all symptoms appear at once. The biggest problems, such as severe pain, sometimes accompanied by bleeding, are caused by blood clots. As already mentioned, this condition is known as thrombosis of external hemorrhoids. Thrombotic external hemorrhoids feel like very painful lumps, which are also very tender, which makes them very easy to injure. Given the severe pain, medical attention should be sought. It is very possible that after the thrombotic external hemorrhoids have healed, scars will remain on the affected area and the skin will remain bulging. Usually these scars that remain are not small at all, and the hygiene of the anus becomes more difficult and irritation can occur.

Stages Of Hemorrhoids Development

Stages 1 – Hemorrhoids, in which there is bleeding but are not bulging.

Stages 2 – Hemorrhoids, which bulge out, then return to their place. It can be with or without bleeding.

Stages 3 – Hemorrhoid, which prolapse out and do not return on their own, meaning they need to be pushed slightly with the finger inwards.

Stages 4 – Hemorrhoids that have prolapsed out and cannot be pushed back. This last stage of worsening hemorrhoids includes thrombotic hemorrhoids, as well as those that pull a lot of the lining of the rectum through the anus.

A lot of people have hemorrhoids, but do not understand until the condition becomes serious. In some cases, a person may have had hemorrhoids, but they have gone unnoticed, because there were no symptoms. The problem of hemorrhoids occurs equally often in both sexes. Тhe elderly, overweight people, people who stand or sit for extended periods of time in one place, and pregnant women are among the most at risk.

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