There are ways to deal with bleeding hemorrhoids at home. However, in order for home treatment to be successful, you must be persistent and strict in applying the following methods:

1. Soak in salted hot water.

Take a Hot Tub 3 Times A Day for 15-20 Minutes. We recommend addinga tea cup of sea salt or English salt to every bath.

If you do not have a bathtub at home, you can use a large enough basin to sit in. Pour a few inches of water into it and mix it with 2-3 tablespoons of sea or English salt.

2. Affect bleeding hemorrhoids with an ice compress.

The ice pack will reduce swelling and pain. Ice should not be applied directly, so wrap it in cloth. To avoid the opposite effect, hold the ice for no more than 5 minutes. You can repeat after waiting a few minutes for the skin to warm up.

3. No matter how itchy it is, resist the urge to scratch and grit your teeth.

In no case do not give in to the urge to scratch when you suffer from hemorrhoids, because this will lead to serious complications accompanied by severe pain. It is also very important with what and how you wipe. Toilet paper must be soft and even moisturized so as not to injure the area further and the inflammation to deepen. We recommend using wet wipes or a bidet.

4. Bleeding Reduction Medications

A good solution in such cases is the use of Hemorrel – we have created a streamlined product for the sole purpose of not simply getting rid of the symptoms, but getting rid of the problem. We use 100% natural products with thousands of satisfied customers each month.

5. A Change In Your Lifestyle To Deal With Bleeding Hemorrhoids

a. Include fiber in your diet to improve your bowel function. Most fiber is found in fruits and vegetables, as well as whole grains such as buckwheat, bulgur and brown rice.

b. Drink plenty of fluids – mostly water and herbal teas. Drink at least 1.5-2 liters a day.

c. Create a regular habit of going to the bathroom for number 2 and never push! Let the intestines do their job.

d. Exercise and walk more to reduce stress.

e. The pressure on the hemorrhoids increases with prolonged sitting, so try to avoid it. This also applies for standing in one place for long periods of times.

f. When sitting, use a pillow in the shape of a donut, ie. with a hole in the middle so as not to put pressure on the affected area of hemorrhoids. However, if you do not sit in the correct position, the effect can be reversed. If the bleeding gets worse, stop using this type of pillow.

The fight against hemorrhoids is painful and quite long. Also, after you recover if you return to the lifestyle you were in before, hemorrhoids could sooner or later reappear. That is why it is important to include exercise in your lifestyle, intake of at least a liter and a half of water a day, increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables and whole grains, as well as reduce meat and sweet temptations.

If these home remedies weren’t enough for you to achieve relief, we sincerely recommend trying one of the Hemorrel products . We recommend trying either the Hemorrel Ointment or Intra. We’ve created our formula with the sole purpose of combating hemorrhoids. We use only 100% natural ingredients with zero side-effects. Also suitable during pregnancy and lactation. Find out more by clicking on the highlighted names!

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