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Frequently Asked Questions

The products help extremely quickly as they are designed to treat the problem, not the symptoms. Relief is felt shortly after the first use. The ointment, intra and tincture have an all-natural composition. The formula helps to quickly regenerate the affected areas and removes the hemorrhoid. 

In the case of Hemorrel ointment and intra, it is desirable to apply them on the affected areas twice a day. To achieve a lasting effect, treatment is required for 7-10 days, we recommend using it until the package is depleted. We recommend using the Hemorrel tincture for at least 3 months. The daily intake is 3 times 20 drops of tincture in 50 ml. water. There is no limit to how long you can use it, as it is a completely herbal supplement. 

Not necessarily. Ointment and intra act locally, and need to be applied directly to the affected area. The tincture is a product with a prophylactic focus and for preventive action – it needs to be consumed for several months. They can be used together, which we recommend to achieve a faster and more lasting result. 

Yes. Hemorrel repair tissues equally well in external and internal hemorrhoids. For the best effect it is recommended to use intra, as it more effectively delivers a sufficient amount of ointment to the affected internal area. 

Absolutely harmless with zero toxicity. 

100% natural BIO composition! 

Hemorrel ointment and intra have the same formula, which are these three ingredients: olive oil, beeswax and extract from Madonna Lily ( lilium candidum). They do not contain: artificial colors, petroleum products, preservatives, lanolin, fragrances, chemicals and parabens. Free of corticosteroids and anesthetics. 

You will feel relief within minutes the first time you use the ointment. This is due to the unique formula of Hemorrel – designed to directly treat the problem, and not, as with most alternative products – the symptoms. Most often, the action of the products greatly exceeds the expectations of patients! 

You can use Hemorrel, both preventively and in recovery after surgical and invasive procedures to remove hemorrhoids and fissures. Their main function is to regenerate damaged tissues, which makes them especially suitable in such cases. 

When you go through the three steps of the order form and see a screen in which we thank you for your order – everything is fine and your order is accepted. Of course, if something is difficult for you, you can always choose the “Quick Order” option, which is in one step for your convenience. In certain problematic cases you can confirm your order by phone, e-mail or live chat. 

We strive to send orders received by 17.00 on the same day, and those made in the evening – on the next working day. Since we are based in Eastern Europe the delivery usually takes up to 2 weeks.  

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An innovation for the treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures! Intensive care with convenient single-use doses. Immediately affects damaged tissues. Also has a 100% natural composition.

Hemorrel – Ointment

The different product. Hemorrel is a highly effective, all-natural herbal product for rapid relief, treatment and prophylactic prevention of all types of hemorrhoids and fissures. It’s the 100% natural ointment with immediate effect. Hemorrel isn’t meant to simply remove the symptoms, but to get rid off the problem entirely, while avoiding surgery completely.

Hemorrel - Intra

An innovation for the treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures! Intensive care with convenient single-use doses. Immediately affects damaged tissues. Also has a 100% natural composition.


Ointment for topical application in burns and superficial wounds. Quickly regenerates damaged tissues. Reduces inflammation, has antiseptic and cooling effect. Protects against scarring. 100% natural composition.