We mainly distinguish two types of hemorrhoids – external and internal. Despite the same reasons for their appearance, there is a difference in the symptoms and the ways to treat them.

External hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are characterized mainly by a sharp pain. It is usually sufficient to treat them locally. We recommend lubricating the affected tissue with Hemorrel ointment. It is a 100% natural product we have made specifically to combat hemorrhoids. It relieves the pain with zero side-effects. Not only does it heal with damaged tissue it helps in getting rid of the problem completely.

Internal hemorrhoids

Internal hemorrhoids are a silent presence – a large part of the population in developed countries over the age of 40 have them, but do not suspect their presence until bleeding or other symptoms appear. Bright red blood means just that. If there is blood but dark in color, see a proctologist or specialist immediately for an examination. For internal hemorrhoids, using the ointment as a suppository is the recommended method. In addition, the intake of the herbal tincture from the Hemorrel series ensures the good health of the vascular wall. Exactly the weakening of the vascular wall heralds the development of inflamed and thrombosed hemorrhoids. The tincture is a product that can be taken preventively. We recommend using it for three months, with 1 week rest, after which it’s consumption can be continued.

Last but not least, we must say that all surgical methods, regardless of their type – with less or more pronounced invasive action “subscribe” to your recurrence. The lining of the anus is similar to the lining of the mouth. It is so delicate that any intervention leaves it weakened and prone to cause problems. Also with invasive methods, patients go out of their normal routine during the recovery period after therapy. The truth is that doctors resort to these methods in rare cases and it’s always as a last resort.

The complex synergistic action of Hemorrel ointment for topical application and Hemorrel tincture for oral administration is the “magic” that all of our customers have said that helped them. Check out their stories here. For more information about our products please click on the highlighted text!

Nature has given us everything we need – be consistent and you will achieve unexpected results. Informed choices are essential for dealing properly with health issues.

Thank you for reading and we hope this article has been helpful for you!

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