In order to properly approach the solution of a problem, we must first understand it. This is especially true for hemorrhoids. They are a persistent disease for which the cause, symptoms and treatment must be determined. Do not delay therapy, waiting can only worsen the condition.

Step 1 – Learn the Most Important About Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are swollen veins that can be either internal (in the rectum) or external (around the anus). The two types can appear separately or together, the difference between them is that internal hemorrhoids are usually not painful, and external hemorrhoids can cause severe pain. What the two types of hemorrhoids have in common is that they bleed when they are injured. Statistics show that the main risk groups are overweight people and older people. Hemorrhoids occur quite often during pregnancy, because during this period the pressure on the pelvic and rectal veins is very high, especially during childbirth. Hemorrhoids are becoming an increasingly common disease, as the vast majority of people of all ages lead a more sedentary lifestyle, don’t exercise, don’t drink enough water and don’t provide regular, proper nutrition for themselves.

Step 2 – Learn to Recognize Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are easily recognized as opposed to internal ones, because, as already mentioned, internal hemorrhoids are not likely to be painful. You can only detect them when they start to bleed at some point. Here are some of the main symptoms to recognize external hemorrhoids:

  • Occurrence of redness or itching in the anal area.
  • Sweating in the anal area.
  • Discomfort and / or pain.
  • Painful bleeding after defecation, with bright red blood. *IF THE BLOOD IS DARK IMMEDIATELY CONSULT A DOCTOR!*
  • Stool leakage.
  • Appearance of a lump in the anal area, which in most cases is painful.

Step 3 – Check If You Suffer From Hemorrhoids

Use a mirror to check for lumps or bumps in the anal area. When pressed, they will be painful and may be dark red or the color of your skin. In this situation, it becomes clear that the hemorrhoids you suffer from are external. If you notice blood on the toilet paper after wiping, and if it is bright red, it means that it is from bleeding hemorrhoids. However, if the color of the blood is dark, it means that the bleeding may be coming from deeper in your digestive system.

If you notice blood on the toilet paper, but do not find external hemorrhoids, see a doctor immediately, as this may be a symptom of other much more serious diseases.

Step 4 – You Need to Know When to Go to the Doctor

If you are being treated for hemorrhoids with home remedies and after a week you still have pain and/or bleeding, a visit to the doctor is inevitable. Bleeding can be caused by diseases that are life-threatening. Pay attention to the color not only of the blood If it’s dark or even tarry in color, this is a sign that the bleeding may not be from the hemorrhoids.

Step 5 – Be Prepared For What To Expect From The Doctor’s Examination

The examination for hemorrhoids in the doctor’s office is performed as follows – the doctor examines around the anus for external hemorrhoids, and then examines the rectum for internal hemorrhoids. To determine if the patient is suffering from internal hemorrhoids, it is necessary for the doctor to feel with the walls of the rectum with a lubricated finger. If internal hemorrhoids are suspected, the doctor may also use an anoscope (thin plastic tube with a camera). The anoscope illuminates the rectum and possible bleeding and/or swollen veins can be seen. Intervention with these tissues should only be in life-threatening conditions and should be undertaken when nothing else has helped.

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