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Don’t get rid of the symptoms Get rid of the problem

We strive to help as many people as possible with their hemorrhoid and skin-related problems.

Your relief starts here

We are Phyto Life Ltd and we created the Hemorrel line of natural products in order to help as many people as possible with their hemorrhoids and skin-related problems. We help thousands of people monthly by not simply removing the pain and discomfort, but getting rid of the cause of the problem. We offer 100% natural solutions, based on a family recipe cultivated through centuries of combined research and effort and further improved with the help of pharmaceutical, medicinal and herbal experts.

The best relief products for hemorrhoids

An innovation for the treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures! Intensive care with convenient single-use doses. Immediately affects damaged tissues. Also has a 100% natural composition.

Hemorrel – Ointment

The different product. Hemorrel is a highly effective, all-natural herbal product for rapid relief, treatment and prophylactic prevention of all types of hemorrhoids and fissures. It’s the 100% natural ointment with immediate effect. Hemorrel isn’t meant to simply remove the symptoms, but to get rid off the problem entirely, while avoiding surgery completely.

Hemorrel - Intra

An innovation for the treatment of hemorrhoids and fissures! Intensive care with convenient single-use doses. Immediately affects damaged tissues. Also has a 100% natural composition.


Ointment for topical application in burns and superficial wounds. Quickly regenerates damaged tissues. Reduces inflammation, has antiseptic and cooling effect. Protects against scarring. 100% natural composition.

What should we know about hemorrhoids?

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Benefits of Hemorrel

Story of Phyto Life

We are a company that develops innovative 100% natural herbal products. Our main goal is to help as many people as possible by providing solutions for prevention and treatment of hemorrhoids and skin-related problems. We know the power of nature to heal and we strive to make the most of it.


The Hemorrel product line is based on Bulgarian herbs delivered from ecologically clean regions. It is a century-old recipe that has been passed down as a family recipe and then further improved with the help of pharmaceutical, herbal and medicinal experts.


Our products boast great effectiveness and results with thousands of happy customers each month. You can see their stories in our "Customer Story" tab. For long-lasting results we recommend using the Hemorrel Tincture as a supplement for at least three months. We send free tinctures along with every order!

Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on all of our orders, wordlwide!

Never Test on Animals

Not only do we strive to help as many people as possible, we also never test on animals and donate part of our revenue to help animal shelters in Bulgaria.

Customer Satisfaction

We provide 24/7 customer support and you can contact us any time either by chat, e-mail or phone!


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Top Monthly Reviews

ivan ivanov
My name is Ivan Ivanov and I am 52 years old from Sofia. I've been a taxi driver 15 years. At the end of last year, I felt pain and itching in the anus. After an examination by a specialist, it turned out that I had hemorrhoids for almost a year and a half. As an alternative to my prescribed treatment, a colleague recommended that I try hemorrel ointment. I ordered it and they delivered it to me in a week. I immediately started using it according to its instructions for use. From the first use I felt relief and reduction of the burning pain. After a week of daily use, I forgot what I was using it for. My pain and discomfort disappeared completely.
Ivan Ivanov
Taxi Driver
customer 2
I am very happy with your ointment - my external hemorrhoids are just a memory :), and I was so worried ... Also, I had a scar under my nose, left by a herpes, so I decided to try applying the cream and it disappeared!! I am very happy with the result!! Thank you!! People - I highly recommend Hemorrel :))
Rita Hautum
lelq mi
Thank you very much for creating such a unique ointment. I suffered a lot - after inflamed hemorrhoids, the anal fissure also became inflamed. I had great pain, which I can't even describe in words for about 12 days - I couldn't stand, lie down or do anything. I tried all kinds of herbs and ointments that are available in pharmacies with close to no result. Finally, my relatives read about Hemorrel and gave me the phone. I ordered it and on the first day of its use I received relief. If you have such a problem do not waste time and funds, and order it immediately.
Rosaria Roux
Store Manager