Hemorel - ointment


HEMORREL-Ointment a highly effective, 100% natural herbal product for quick relief, treatment and prevention of painful inflamed hemorrhoids. A Natural ointment for various applications.

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Principle of action:

The main function of HEMORREL Ointment is to restore damaged tissue, in case of hemorrhoids - the blood vessel walls in the lower part of the rectum.


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HEMORREL Ointment contains no artificial colors, petroleum products, preservatives, lanolin, fragrances, chemicals and parabenes. No corticosteroids and anesthetics

HEMORREL Ointment is made by an old family recipe passed down through generations.


Containsonly three ingredients: olive oil, beeswax and extract from the plant White Cream. The plant is found only in certain regions of Bulgaria, which makes it a unique ingredient. The complex action of the active ingredients gives sensible result after the first use. The Natural composition of the ointment allows during pregnancy andbreastfeeding.


Why Hemorrel?

HEMORREL Ointment action is quick and effective!

With HEMORREL you will avoid the inefficient and invasive methods of traditional medicine in removal of hemorrhoids. Most alternative products treat symptoms while HEMORREL Ointment acts directly on the problem and removes it!

Our goal is to heal you as quickly as possible!


Suitable for:

• Hemorrhoids and fissures

• After operation of hemorrhoids and fissures - for faster recovery.

• Constipation - prevents anal discomfort and problems.

• Scars

• Stretch - prevents formation

• Pregnancy and breastfeeding– HEMORREL Ointment has zero toxicity


HEMORREL Ointment is available in box of 20g.


Terms of Use:

Must be applied internally and externally on the affected area, making sure the affected areas are coated thoroughly. In cases of hemorrhoids and fissures, - an amount about 2-3 grams must be applied at the end of the anal canal, once or twice a day, after a defecation. It is important not to suspend the use when symptoms disappear, continue to use another 7-10 days to achieve a lasting effect.

Hemorrhoids are of two types - internal and external.

Application directly onthe affected areas is required in both cases.

Application in case of external hemorrhoids is very simple as they can be easily detected.

In case of internal hemorrhoids supply amount approximately the size of a pea in the anus.

If after application - defecation appears, please reapply.

It is recommended to visit a proctologist doctor for diagnosis.